I have a Master of Arts degree in counseling psychology and an undergraduate degree in society and justice and sociology. I worked in the criminal justice field for 13 years and have extensive experience working with victims, perpetrators, and families who are affected by all types of criminal behavior including domestic violence, drug offenses, and sexual offenses. I have experience in community mental health working with adults and teens who suffer from depression, anxiety, PTSD, bi-polar and who are in recovery from drug or alcohol abuse. I have worked in the greater Lynnwood area for the majority of my career and am familiar with local resources. I believe the answers to our problems and concerns are within us and sometimes all we need is a person to ask the right questions to get the wheels of change turning. I am aware making changes and entering counseling can be quite scary. I strive to offer a relaxed environment where clients feel comfortable and safe to speak their true thoughts and feelings. In my practice, I utilize person-centered, psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioral therapeutic approaches.

Send me an email: juliasather@sno-kingcounseling.com