My clients are men, women, and adolescents who have been engaging in unwanted sexual behavior that is out of control and destructive to self and the intimacy of the marriage. This type of sexual behavior is victimizing. Generally, the issue is pornography or cybersex, but there are a host of sexual behaviors and preferences that ultimately damage self-worth, the marriage, family and career. Internet pornography is highly addictive for men, and can lead to sexual deviancy. For women, the internet provides easy access to cybersex to satisfy unfulfilled intimacy needs. Regardless, these sexual outlets are highly addictive and can rapidly become a serious issue requiring professional help. Without assistance, these behaviors can destroy marriages, and can lead to risky unsafe, illegal behaviors. Many of my clients are already involved in the legal system. I am licensed to perform state-certified mental health evaluations, sexual deviancy assessments, and sex offender treatment. I strive to provide an environment that is non-judgmental, safe and confidential to explore these very personal issues. My private practice utilizes accepted evidence-based cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) in individual counseling or group therapy. Since healthy sexuality is relational, I encourage spouses/partners to become an integral part of the therapeutic process. It is my belief that the best intervention for destructive sexual behavior is to restore healthy intimacy with partners.

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