Sno-King Counseling provides the following services:

  • Mental Health Counseling Including individual (adults, adolescent & child), couples, and family counseling, evidence-based CBT techniques and strategies including DBT, Mindfulness, Solution-Focused, Family Systems, and Narrative theory.
  • Developmental Assessments (also called Mental Health Evaluations) An assessment involving a review of social history, maladaptive patterns of behavior, historical an current mental health issues and diagnoses, appropriate testing and diagnosis.
  • Psychosocial Assessment A more global assessment of social history including cognitive, emotional, educations, behavioral, and social characteristics/patterns, appropriate testing and diagnosis.
  • Parenting Assessments An assessment including a review of family and parenting history, examination and interview of parents(s) and all referred children, observation of parent/child interaction, assessment of parenting skills, stressors, and assessment of mitigating/risk factors for future abusive behavior.
  • Anger Management Assessment and Treatment
  • Domestic Violence Perpetrator Assessment and Treatment including group and individual counseling. We are a state-certified domestic violence treatment provider.
  • Sexual Deviancy Assessments and Treatment including group and individual counseling.

Sno-King Counseling has been providing counseling and assessment services in the area since 2001. We strive to be a resource to the community, and routinely work with the Courts, DSHS, social workers, community corrections officers, probation officers, and local schools. All assessments and reports include a complete review of documents and files, criminal background checks, and collateral verification.

We have both male and female counselors who are contracted with DSHS to provide services, and offer insurance billing to self-pay clients.

We are conveniently located in the Bentley Office Centre near the Lynnwood Transit Center. Please contact us if we can be a resource to you.